Friday, March 1, 2013

Life Update

The kids are growing. 13 8 7 6 5 2 four can read! five are potty trained! all 6 give great hugs! all speak English! we are slowly learning Mandarin. we are planning for a Taiwan trip. Maybe in 2014?! adoption is good, oh so good. Mom of Many is good, oh so good. God is good, oh so good. I am blessed. We are good, oh so good. I'm off to hug and kiss and love my blessings.

Monday, October 25, 2010

cloth diapering

we cloth diaper. we use rockngreen detergent to wash them. we use a gro via magic stick for ointment needs. we use green mountain prefolds (red stitching size right now). we use flip covers. we use bumgenius elemental all in ones too (love these). we also some g 3/0's, 2 baby kicks (chocolate w/ pink snaps) 3 gro-via's, an econobum, a thirsties, a funnibunz, a g diaper, a green acres diaper, and bummis prefolds. maybe something i can't remember. i use knickernappies nursing pads that are reusable. I also have a milkies milk saver that i fully believe in and use and would recommend. we use cloth wipes. my fav/ are fuzzibunz, but we also have some others that work well too. we use kissaluvs lotion potion as a wipes solution, as well as happy heiny's wipes spray. and we have a little beetles trainer too. (Most of these are H's. some of these are left from J, and A is using some now. we have also used some for I too. so L and E are the only two that haven't been cloth diapered at all.)

that's the short version of where we are with that right now. so i can remember what we did at the beginning :).

enough of that :).

and i resisted the urge to mix some breastmilk in some food of some sort and feed it to the littles when L and J got sick with the cold to help I E A fight it off. anyone ever thought of that?!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

one mom

today has just been a day.
not an easy day, but probably a normal day for life with 4 preschoolers.

small children refusing to eat their breakfast.
small children playing with their breakfast.
small children knocking over cups full of liquid.
small children dropping full spoons onto the floor.
small children crying because they don’t want to blow their nose.
small children who are potty trained pooping in their pants.
small children who are potty trained peeing in their pants.
small children making a lot of work for a tired mommy all before 10:00am.
small children breaking wooden toys.
yep, just an average day here.
small children being small children.

one mommy choosing to stay calm through it all.
one mommy thankful she has 4 small children under foot through it all.
one mommy remembering the years she prayed and begged for health to have another child.
one mommy remembering the papers upon papers required to bring certain children home.
one mommy remembering the 1st child who change her so radically she was open to more.
one mommy remembering the husband who supports and loves her so well she can stay calm.
one mommy remembering her family who believes in her.
one mommy remembering her friends who have 'taught her' just by letting their lives be open books.

all because of....

One God.
One Son.
One Spirit.

part of our story


I LOVE talking home school talk.
I LOVE talking about my kids.
I LOVE talking about choices and freedom.
I LOVE talking about LIFE with others.
**WHO CARE- about me and my kids**

I do not love defending myself, explaining myself, or having to repair damage done to my kids by others insenstive words.

I do think God has called us to a certain life that is not for everyone.
I do think I can share my experience with others.
I do have a duty and responsiblity to share with others- that really care and know us.

There is huge difference though- in neglecing my children and making them suffer needlessly in a shopping cart while strangers are rude and demanding - and 'sharing our story with others'.

Case in point:
I take the 5 children to one childs OT appointment yesterday. There is a woman waiting for someone to finish rehab in the adult part. As we walk by to go the chidlren's part, she says they are not all of my children. I smile and say yes they are. She says, no no they are not. I smile bigger and laugh a little and say yes, yes they are. they are all mine. .* by this point i have walked past her. again she says no they are not all yours. so Iturn sideways and look at her and yes- they are. They are all mine. She looks and me and sucks a huge breath in and her mouth goes big- she has seen my belly. She exclaims. I say yes- before she can- and yes, I am expecting another. I have 6 children and I love each and every one of them and think each and every one is a special gift from God. and we walk on, not looking back, and go into the childrens waiting room- where we can hear her talking loudly, i suppose to anyone who can hear or will listen- 'she must love all children, they don't all look like her', and on and on and on. i close the door to our waiting room- for my precious gifts can hear her.

It is not that I was haiving a bad day, it is not that i do not know I am called to be a light into the darkness.
I in fact was haivng a good day, for I showed her grace and did not get attitudy or rude with her.
I was in fact a light, not saying what I might be tempted to say as a tired mom when caught off guard, 'yes they'll all mine, believe me, they've each said mama to me 1,000 times today'.

This is more so to point out and educate those who would speak without considering little ears.

All of my children know and are aware, they don't look like me.
They don't look like each other.
They know they are one of many.
They all feel this and do not need it highlighted as a negative thing when they leave the house.

We think of ourselves as normal- as you think of yourself as normal.

I do not stop the woman buying lunchables and diapers who has no kids with her and say:
You're a mom?
Where are your kids?
How old are they?
You leave them?
every day?
for hours?
how do you feel about being away from them?
do you worry about them?
What about the negative effects of your decision?
do you wonder if you've made the right decision?
do you feel selfish?
are you planning on doing this permanently?
what about when they're grown?
how will they feel about it?

Yet these are the type of questions they ask me, and my kids hear them. I am thankful we have educated our children about our decisions and they feel secure and agree with God's plan for our lives at this moment.

There is huge difference in asking questions to educate yourself and furthering your understanding of a friend and their daily life and asking rude questions to strangers. Let us all help those who need this differnece pointed out to them in a graceful, loving way.

one story

"And so my prayer is that your story will have involved some leaving and some coming home...some summer and some winter... My hope is that your story will be about changing...about learning to love a child...about learning to love others more than we love ourselves...

We get one story, you and I, one story alone. God has established the elements, the setting and the climax and the resolution. It would be a crime not to venture out, wouldn’t it?

And you will not be alone. You have never been alone. Don’t worry. Everything will still be here when you get back. It is you who will have changed." Don Miller- painted deserts

A fellow adoptive mom and friend shared this quote on her blog, as she reflected on the past 2 years that her daughter has been home.

It is good wisdom. (I love using others words to put the thoughts and emotions in my head down on paper.) It's just true. There is no explaining of his words that needs to be done.

What's your story? Have you ventured out? Have you chosen to venture out? Has He made you venture out by not leaving you alone about something? Has he squarely put something in your path, in your life, on your heart, that you can't deny, escape, ignore? You won't be alone. Face it and embrace it. Grow, Change, Learn...LOVE.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

life this week

sick kids :(.

new diaper detergent :)

baby slept 6 hrs :)

missed renfest school day :(

missed meeting friends' friend from brazil :(

missed a day with the grandparents :(

more snuggle time with kiddos than normal :)

more books being to kiddos :)

slower pace of life :)

so- missing some things/people/happenings/events, but bonding, connecting, creating memories none the less!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

'special needs'

What does 'Special needs' mean? Click here for one website that helps define it to parents of children who may have this label.

i *think* for it's worth all newly adopted children are 'special needs', at least at first. All of ours are 'special needs' - in that, you just can NOT treat them exactly like any other child. They are at the minimum requiring special modifications in social development, language skills, and cultural expectations.

One requires minor extra help with some physical needs, in the areas of fine and gross motor. He also requires help with speech (sound pronunciation). His language usage (if you can understand him) is excellent for his age.

Another one requires a significant amount of help mentally and emotionally. He does not intake and process 'correctly'. He's an extreme of the 'Bell curve'. Physically he functions within age range. His speech (annunciation) is correct, yet his language (grammar, syntax) is lagging behind.

They all have impulse control issues. Self regulating has not happened yet. Self control non existent. Trust- I do not trust them. I can NOT trust their words, nor the emotions they show. This is not labeling them 'bad kids'. Don't read me wrong. It's like when you want to please a host in a foreign country, you say the food is good, you say you slept well, you say you love the 'local entertainment' when really, it's not 'bad' (or maybe it is) but it's not what you'd choose. Well, it's sort of like that. They are trying so hard (either to please or push away) that TRUE, TRUTH is not shown a majority of the time.


school this year:

singapore math (5th grade)
shiller math (prek and k)
ready set go for the code (all three boys)
Kumon coloring, cutting, prewriting books (e and a)
montessori room (everyone...)

pictures to come soon!!!



October means:

two more weeks of tennis and then it ends. The kids will miss it.
Halloween costumes need to be chosen- quickly! thinking of a 'theme'...
settling into our fall schedule has almost happened.
1/2 into soccer season.
apple picking soon.
pumpkin choosing soon.
park days happening more!!
heather's 8 weeks- she smiles at mom now!! (and dad and laurel...)
analiese will be 3 soon (nov.)
evan will be 4 soon (nov.)
backyard fires at friends homes. (invite us we'll come).

and more...

Sunday, September 26, 2010


is busy.

i *think* I've figured out how to wash cloth diapers well. Meaning, get them clean, really clean.

The baby is going one four stretch at night. She's 7 weeks old. Besides that stretch, she eats every 2 hours. still.

The 2 yr old is so acting two. Telling me NO, with attitude.

The three year old is pushing boundaries like crazy, every.time.i.turn.around.

whew. just those 3 kids make for a long day, a busy day, a constant day.

but those three are also the youngest. they are my cuddle bugs. they are my huggers. they make me laugh 1,000 times a day. they are the cutest, in that baby cute way.

they redeem themselves by being themselves :).

the older three are well older. they have attitude but it's different.they engage my mind more. parenting them isn't as straight forward. they keep me on my toes.

i look at the big ones and think the little ones will be there in a blink.

i look at the big ones and think hey'll be gone in a blink.

i am hit with the realization it is all temporary, fleeting.

they will be flying all.too.soon.

how do i slow time down?
how do freeze moments?

it's something to know you're done, to know this is the last baby. it affects you.

(and i'm only done, because of the numbers, not because of my heart)

Monday, September 6, 2010

My Day

nurse baby

wash diapers

play with toddler

play with preschooler (x2)

play with gradeschooler (X2)

Repeat all of the above as often as needed :)

help hubby with his projects

find grade school home school room (it's sorta buried right now)

put last touches on preschool home school room

Labor Day

happy labor day.

we're celebrating here.

every day is a day to celebrate!!

We have our health, we have each other!!

from the 8 of us - to you and yours.

hope you are enjoying your three day weekend.